Yabie's POS systems take the effort out of selling. It's the most intuitive, hassle-free and mobile way of interacting with your customers and making a sale.  



Mobile solutions for larger retailers

Yabie's retail platform removes the physical limitations of in-store retail. Everything you need to create more sales and happier customers is available from the palm of your hand through our amazing Point-of-Sale app. 

Simplifying sales for SMB merchants

With Yabie Express we have made the ultimate POS solution for small and medium sized businesses.It's perfect for merchants who want to spend less time on technology and admin and spend more time selling

Making pop-up stores really pop

Yabies focus on mobility, ease-of-use and quick, effortless on-boarding makes our POS systems perfect for pop-up stores. With short-term contracts we make it easier than ever to sell at an event or create a temporary store.

Modern and flexible payments

A core part of Yabie's offer is giving our customers easy access to modern, quick and flexible payments, at a great price. We have partnered up with leading payment suppliers so that we can provide our customers with card acceptance, mobile payments and invoicing and help them to get started quickly with minimal effort.  



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A mobile way of working in furniture retail

Yabie’s mobile POS app is now live in all IKEA stores in Sweden, allowing customers to pay for their products anywhere in the stores, without ever having to stand in line.  


Sales staff can accept payments anywhere in the store by simply downloading Yabie’s app to their iPhone. The customer can then pay, on the spot, with Swish or Klarna and exit the store using their digital receipt. 

A quicker way to a good night's sleep

Together with Hästens Beds and with help from  Apple, Deloitte and Salesforce we have created a truly impressive mobile POS solution for Hästens Retail Stores. Hästens’ new POS app has managed to cut in-store checkout times by over 90 percent and has even gotten the attention of Apple CEO Tim Cook. The app is currently live in six markets, with more on the horizon 



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The company was founded in Stockholm in 2017, to help retailers reimagine their in-store shopping experiences. Our state-of-the-art retail platform is designed to overcome the challenges of modern retail by bridging the gap between the physical and the digital world. 


By giving retailers easy access to all the tools and data they need, we help them sell more and create happier customers. It’s now easier than ever to create a completely new shopping experience. 


With our help, IKEA, Hästens, Apple Premium Resellers and other retail chains have, in record time, transformed their in-store Service Level to include ”Line Busting”, "Endless Isle”, ”Pop-up store payments” and ”Self-Checkout”. 



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